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      Datong Weidu Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.
      All for the User
      Integrity, Practicality, Development and Win-win
      About us
      Datong Weidu activated carbon Co., Ltd. which was established in 2002.09 and officially put into production in 2003.08 is located in Datong city, Shanxi Province, the largest raw material production base for coal based activated carbon. As a professional activated carbon company, our company covers an area of 66,000 square meters with a trinity of production, research and sale of activated carbon.
      Professional Activated Carbon Plant Integrating Production, Research and Development and Sales
      Product Display
      Our advantages
      • Company's gate

        Company's gate
      • Packaging workshop

        Packaging workshop
      • Slip Activation Furnace

        Slip Activation Furnace
      • Control Room

        Control Room
      • Production Line

         Production Line
      • Laboratory instrument

        Laboratory instrument
      News & Trends

      Activated carbon (carbonized material) for filter element

            Wei Du has 4000 m2 carbonized material production base - - annual production of various specifications of filter cartridge with 5000 tons of carbonized material. The production process is mature, the technical team is stable, the equipment is advanced, the storage environment is good; the product is low iron, low floating ash, healthy and environmental protection; the price is moderate, the quality is superior; it is the first choice of carbonized material for filter element. We sincerely look forward to the cooperation of old and new friends.